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Home Staging Wellington

Home Stagers Wellington

When you need to sell your home, you should ensure that all factors are working in your favor.
It is imperative to appeal to buyers and be able to highlight the amazing features of your home.
One way that allows you to prepare your home for the market is through home staging Wellington. This is an art that goes beyond the simple decoration of your home. We are professional home stagers and we will make your home appealing and increase the market value. With our Wellington home staging services, you can be sure that your home will sell faster.

We are the best home stagers Wellington and we will present your home in such a manner that buyers will want to make an offer right on the spot. Generally, a good number of people will start their search for a home online. As such, you need to have photos that make a great first impression. This allows the buyers to want to see the house and eventually buy it. Professional home staging services will attract so many buyers pretty fast. You can rest assured that a staged home will sell faster than a non-staged one.

Home Staging as An Investment


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There are some people who consider remodeling and renovating their homes before selling. However, that may not be enough, as you would need professional home staging companies. We have helped a good number of homeowners and realtors make a quick sale through our home staging company. This is an investment and our home styling experts will highlight the unique attributes of your home. You can be sure that you will get a good return on your investment. It is advisable to make the most of your investment and when you stage to sell, you will be sure to make good profits.

No one wants to have their home listed on the market for months. When you work with our staging experts, you will have everything covered from exceptional online photos to an open home. Whether you have a vacant house or an occupied one, we will set it up in the right way to attract the right buyers and have your home sell faster. If you are looking for home staging services, we are the company that you seek. Kindly contact us to get a no-obligation, free quote.

Our Services

Home staging is our specialty and we are experienced and understand all the aspects of the industry. We have been in the business of property dressing for a number of years. With our skills and expertise, we will transform your home into a property that every buyer deserves. Our property stylists will set your home up in such a manner that every potential buyer sees themselves living there. Our comprehensive home staging services include:



Partial Staging

Full Staging

Apartment Staging

Home Staging Lower Hutt

Home Staging Upper Hutt

Home Staging Porirua


We can do any type of property staging that you may need. We will work within your budget and see to it that your home gets the attention that it deserves. We have a wide range of furnishings that we can use for luxury home staging. By choosing us, you will be making the right decision and we can assure you that your home will sell faster.

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Full Home Staging

Full home staging allows us to go all out and showcase your home. We will give potential buyers a vision and a clear picture of what it would like to live in the house. Once you contact us, our staging experts will visit your home and suggest different options. After the initial consultation, you will get a written quote for our services. Most homes have a lot of junk that is piled up, making the spaces look so tiny. However, our property stagers will de-clutter your home and make it presentable.

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Partial Home Staging

In our experience, we have discovered that not all homes need a full home dressing. As such, we can offer partial staging services for such homes. In this case, we will use the furnishing that you own. Any professional realtor will tell you that the first impression is the key to selling your home. If you are to have any chance of selling your home, you need to use home staging specialists. Studies show that homes that are staged prior to listing tend to sell about 75% faster than those not staged before listing. In addition, you will easily sell your staged home for more than 6% of the market price, when you use our professional home staging Upper Hutt services. In essence, working with professional home stagers is a great benefit to the overall process.

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Home staging consultation allows us to get an idea of the space that you have. This will also give our experts a chance to look into the various staging options that can work for you.

Get in touch with us today for professional home staging Wellington, NZ services. We are committed to providing you with the best outcome.

Why Stage Your Home?

There are some homes that sell for the top dollar and others can barely sell even after several weeks and various discounts. Home staging Lower Hutt has been proven to work for anyone who wishes to sell their home. You will not only sell the home faster but for the top market value. We use modern techniques and thoughtful designs, which will attract buyers and
provoke them to make an offer. Staging will give you a good return on investment, and when you stage your home before listing it; you will have a higher chance of selling it. If you need roofing service in Wellington we recommend our friends for Roofing Wellington

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Why Choose Us?

We are the leading home stagers in Wellington, NZ and we are passionate about what we do. With our assistance, you will have more buyers coming to make offers and your home will sell in a short while.

We have skilled home stylists and they will use the best methods and techniques to achieve the best outcome. We are licensed and insured and as such, you can trust us with your home staging Porirua process. We have open lines of communication and you will always be up to date. We provide top-notch services at affordable rates.

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